The Contract Cleaning Industry in South Africa 2020

The Contract Cleaning Industry in South Africa 2020: An Overview

The contract cleaning industry in South Africa has been experiencing a growing demand in recent years. This is a result of the increasing urbanization, coupled with the shift of businesses and households to outsource their cleaning needs to professional cleaning companies.

According to a recent report by the South African Cleaning Association, the contract cleaning industry in South Africa was valued at R14 billion in 2019. The report also projects that the industry is set to grow at a rate of 6.4% annually over the next five years.

One of the major drivers of this growth is the increasing need for hygiene and sanitation in both public and private spaces. With the COVID-19 pandemic, this need has become even more pronounced, with businesses and households looking to maintain high levels of cleanliness to prevent the spread of the virus.

The industry has also seen a shift towards the use of eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning products and practices. This is in response to the growing concern over the impact of cleaning chemicals on the environment and human health. Professional cleaning companies are now offering services that are both effective and environmentally friendly.

In terms of employment, the contract cleaning industry is also a major contributor to job creation in South Africa. The industry employs over 700,000 people, with the majority being women and youth. This has a significant impact on the country’s economy, particularly in terms of reducing unemployment rates and providing opportunities for skills development and training.

However, the industry also faces challenges, such as the prevalence of informal and unregistered cleaning companies, which operate without adherence to industry standards and regulations. This not only poses a risk to customers but also undermines the efforts of professional cleaning companies to maintain high-quality standards.

In conclusion, the contract cleaning industry in South Africa is a thriving sector that offers both employment opportunities and essential services to the community. With the growing demand for hygiene and sustainable cleaning practices, there is immense potential for the industry to continue to grow and contribute positively to the country’s economy.